Terms of booking

We will do our best to remind you of upcoming appointments to avoid any inconveniences. However, it is your responsibility to attend your appointment and inform us at least 24hours prior to your booked appointment if you are unable to attend. You may be charged up to 100% of the cost of your booked appointment if failed to do so. We understand that sometimes it is out of your hands and we will try to co-operate with you. We may apply a ‘Holding Fee’ to accounts with history of last minute cancellations and no shows. However, we do not want to implement these fees on you and we sincerely hope you will consider our time and in respect to your therapist, inform us of any changes of your circumstances.

Holding fee for the appointment at a rate of £5 per 15min (£20 per hour). This deposit will be refunded in full when the appointment is attended on time. However this deposit will be forfeited if the appointment is missed or if it is not canceled with a full 24 hour notice.




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Facial Treatments

We analyse your skin prior to treatment to make sure we use just the right products for your skin.

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Everyday our skin is affected by weather and pollution. However even the strictest cleansing habits may still leave impurities you can’t notice. Mini facial is a perfect solution to make your skin feel fresh as new. Deep cleanse of the skin will remove any hidden impurities and skin exfoliation will reveal fresh skin texture. Recommended as a weekly treatment and perfect for lunch breaks.


Running around like a busy city girl? Stress at work, cocktails after work. Late nights and long weekends. All of it puts yours skin under stress which eventually starts showing the damage, like pigmentation, skin ageing etc. You and your skin deserve a little relaxation every now and then. This facial is perfect to remove all impurities and dead skin cells. Facial massage improves blood flow and nutrition of the skin, as well as firming facial muscles. Feel fabulous and ready to take on any challenge. Recommended every 2 - 4 weeks.


Facial massage may improve your appearance significantly. Deep movements helps to stimulate skin regeneration, improves blood flow to your skin helping in nutrition and that healthy glow. Facial massage is also an aid in keeping skin  younger, with movements firming facial muscles and facial contours. Recommended when under stress or monthly.


Feel like a goddess after this truly indulging session of luxury facial. You don’t need to be rich or famous to enjoy an hour of pure pamper. Get comfortable in our super soft blankets and enjoy a facial massage together with shoulder and neck massage. Deeply cleansed and exfoliated skin will be treated with a Hot Towel for the best result of carefully selected facial mask. Revitalise your skin and feel fabulous! Recommended as monthly treat.




We recommend wearing no make up for the appointment if possible.

First visit? We recommend arriving about 10 minutes earlier for your appointment. There is a few questions we will need to ask you prior to treatment.


For best results, facial treatments should be continuous and be repeated every 3 - 6 weeks.

As no make up is recommended for 48hrs after the treatment, we suggest having the treatment at least 2 days before special occasions. Mineral make up however, can be used.



Our Collagen Masks contain top quality 90% collagen with amino acids and hydroxyproline known for it’s wound healing properties. Results include visible increase in smoothness of the skin. Improves moisture retention and elasticity of the skin. Increased hydration. Fast remoisturising effect with long-lasting results. There are 5 different options with extra added ingredients to suit different skin types and problems.

Hibisculent +

For the immediate reduction of expression and age wrinkles.

  1. Hibisculent+ has a regenerating effect on the overall facial muscles when it also has a regenerating effect on the cells. The skin becomes smoother and more radiant while youthful elasticity increases. Used regularly, fine lines will disappear within few weeks while deeper lines will be reduced visibly.

  2. Hibisculent+ has the effect of Botox injections but is much more natural and mild, also compared with Botox injections Hibisculent+ has a long term regenerating effect.

Allantoin & Panthenol

Especially for mixed, irritated, oily skin types and for hyper sensitive skin

  1. Allantion and Panthenol have a regenerating effect on the natural resistance of the skin, making it less likely to incur irritation and so over the course of treatments appear more even and supple.

  2. They stimulate the natural cell regeneration process

  3. Panthenol, or vitamin B5, stabilises the ideal moisture balance of the skin.

A.H.A. Green Tea & Vit C

Especially for dry, sallow skin due to a thickened epidermis.

  1. A.H.A (Alpha Hydroxy Acid)The fruit acids have a soft peeling effect, stimulating the skins regenerating process.

  2. Vitamin C encourages the cell regeneration process even more

  3. Extracts from Green Tea have a softening, soothing, action on skin that has been soft peeled by A.H.A. Green tea is also an anti-oxidant.

Vitamin A, C,E &

Pro Vit B5

For mature, sallow tired skin

  1. Vitamin A regenerates the ageing, atrophic skin by optimising the moisture balance in all the skin layers.

  2. Vitamin C is known for its cell regenerating properties that restore the skin’s youthful appearance.

  3. Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that reactivates the skin’s natural functions making the skin visibly smoother and more even.

  4. Pro Vitamin B5 stimulates the natural cell cycle of the skin, ensure that the metabolism within the cell regeneration process is reactivated.

Caviar Extract

Unique regeneration for mature skin.

  1. Leaves skin looking and feeling younger within hours

  2. Caviar extract contains phospholipids needed for supple cell membranes and healthy organs

  3. Phosphoproteins which stimulate, regenerate and renew the cell structure when applied to cleansed skin

  4. Restores the mature skin’s youthful look, making it smoother, more elastic and more radiant.

  5. This is a very fast effective treatment to recover youthful vitality and reduction of unattractive wrinkles within weeks.

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